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Solid Waste Disposal Services

MBSP provides services for the public to dispose of their rubbish through its Solid Waste Disposal Services.

  • Collection is carried out from house-to-house.
  • Collection is done on alternate days.
  • All rubbish must be place in a plastic bag and tightly secured before putting the trash bag into the waste bin.
  • The waste bin can be placed in front or behind the residence for easy collection by MBSP.

  • Disturbing the contents of the waste bin.
  • Burning of rubbish.
  • Discarding burning charcoal or any explosive item in the rubbish bin.

  • If you use a plastic bag, please make sure that it is tied up properly.  
  • Do not use plastic bag with holes.  
  • Use more than one bag if the plastic is thin.

The Usage of Plastic Bag
  • It is currently the best method for solving the rubbish disposal problem.
  • Contributes to better environmental cleanliness and hygiene. 
  • Reduces odours and smell and keeps away insects and animals. 
  • Reduces time for collection and waste collection costs.


By-Law 3(1) 1994, Waste Collection, Disposal and Evacuation specifies that residents of each house must use a tightly closed trash bin not less than 0.085 cubic meter in volume.
Waste Collection Schedule
  • House-to-house collection - 3 times a week.
  • Collection from compactor bins by the roadside – every day.
  • Ro-ro bin (bins which are taken away by a lorry) – every day.
  • Garden / Bulky waste - once a week (Saturday or Sunday).

Waste Evacuation

Sites for disposal of solid waste are as follows:

  • Ampang Jajar - for MBSP use only.
  • Pulau Burung - for government/private contractors.

RM 10.00 is charged per day for each private lorry..