Counter Services

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A. Centralized Counter
MBSP provides counter services for public to do various transactions. The centralized counter is created to provide the public with various department services.
The counter are located at Ground Floor, MBSP. It will open on working days:
Monday - Friday
7.30 am - 5.30 pm
The services are:
  • Complaints.
  • Booking of sports complex and MBSP Hall.
  • Dog Patrol Application.
  • Pet Nursing Permit.
  • Typhoid injection for food handling.
  • MBSP License Digging the Tomb.
  • Application of Disposal Permit (Jawi Branch Counter - Municipal Department).
  • Application for information Form(F.O.I).
  • Payment of MBSP Course / Training.
  • Tender and Quatation Sale.
  • Legar Space Rental.
  • Application of Patil Number (Rules & Procedures).
  • Search for Real Property Information.
  • Application for change of Postal Address.
  • Application for change of Property Owner Name (Scheme / Village).
  • Application for O.K.U Freezer Application & Renewal.
  • Advertising Permits / Banners, Air Balloons, Seasonal Fruits, Table Chairs & Screenboards Application.
  • Free Plastic Free Bag Day Campaign surrender payment
  • Application for MBSP licenses (General / Industrial / Hawker & Veterinary License) Counter No. 20 & Central Counter.
  • MBSP License Renewal.
  • Fi Hotel.
  • Payment of MBSP Revenue bill (Tax Assessment / Compaund & MBSP Department Bill).
  • Utility bill payment (Other agencies) - MBPP, PBA & TNB.
B. One - Stop Center (OSC)
One - Stop Center was created to facilitate the process of approval for Planning Permission, Building Plans and Occupational Certificate (OC). This is in line with the policy of Government to encourage economic developments through efficient 'Government Delivery System'.
This counter located at Ground Floor, MBSP opposite of centralized counter, open on working days:
Monday - Friday
8.00 am - 1.00 pm
2.00 pm – 5.30 pm
Among the services given by OSC are:
  • Coordinate, control and monitor Building Plan application process, Occupational Certificate (OC) and Planning Permission application.
  • Report the status of Building Plan application and Planning Permission application to KPKT and government.
  • To identify problems regarding applications and to suggest solutions.
Any enquiries, please contact: 04 - 5497702.
C. Payment Counter
The MBSP payment counters are located at the Ground Floor, MBSP Tower which is under the Central Counter. In addition, kiosk services for CASH tax payments are also available.
Payment Counter generally operates on weekdays as follows:
Monday - Friday
7.30 am – 5.30 pm
Bandar Perda
04 - 5497555 (Ext: 692, 693, 701, 709 & 822)
04 - 3105571
Nibong Tebal
04 - 5831701
The services provided at the payment counter are:
  • All MBSP bills.
  • Electricity bill (TNB).
  • Water bill (PBA).
  • Sale of Ticketing Coupons to agents ((Kaunter PESUKA, Bandar Perda, Kaunter Cawangan MBSP Jawi, Nibong Tebal & Kaunter Cawangan Kg. Jawa,Butterworth).
  • Penang City Council Tax bill & Compound (MBPP).