Technical Compliance And Policy Department

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Name Position Phone Mobile Fax
General Office 045497865
Tn. TPr. Mohd Ridzal b. Abdul Director 045497535 019-4755111
Pn. Siti Rahmah bt. Md Yusoff Head Of Assistant Director 045497477
En. Mohd Hazren b. Mohd Zahir Senior Assistant Director 045497550
En. Saiful Azri b. Salleh Senior Assistant Director 045402586
En. Ahmad Tarmizi b. Omar Head Of Senior Assistant Architectural Officer 045497572
En. Mohd Saedon b. Ahmad Assistant Engineer 045497624
En. Muhammad Kader b. Saed Ahmad Assistant Engineer 045497630
En. Mohd Nazri b. Hashim Assistant Architectural Officer 045497586
En. Amin b. Abdul Rahim Assistant Architectural Officer 045497583
En. Mohamad Safuan b. Samsudin Assistant Architectural Officer 045497588
Pn. Hasnah bt. Shaari Assistant Administrative Officer 045497883
Pn. Nurul Shahira bt. Mohd Nasir Assistant Town Planning Officer 045497548
En. Mohamad Syukri b. Abdullah Assistant Town Planning Officer 045497531
En. Ikhwan Ali b. Wazani Assistant Town Planning Officer 045497719
En. Muhamad Dzarul Izudin b. Joekeflay Assistant Architecture Officer
En. Muhammad Farid b. Mohd Fadzil Assistant Architecture Officer
Pn. Izzni Syafiqah bt. Ishak Assistant Architecture Officer
En. Mohd Zaki b. Said Assistant Architecture Officer
En. Mohamad Aziron b. Mohamad Wazir Assistant Architecture Officer